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Manual Spray Guns

  • Automotive Spray Gun

  • HVLP Series

    - Low Pressure High Volume
    - Low air pressure and air consumption
    - Reduce coating rebound
    - Superior atomization
    - Strong Adhesion
    - Fluid Saving
  • Mini Series

    Ideal for small tasks that require minimal amounts of paint: small area painting,touch-ups, car spot repairs, etc.
  • X Series

    X Series
    Balanced design with ergonomics for better grip and less user hand fatigue. Precision machined stability for long-life operation.
  • W-71 / W-77

    Nozzle and needle are comprised of heat-treated material with the characteristics of high durability,
    toughness, and anti-wear.
  • Release agents and oils spray gun

    Mini spray gun, a special design for spraying fluids of low viscosity.
  • Ceramic Spray gun

    Nozzle and needle are made of high-quality stainless steel with heat-treatment. The ideal spraying for ceramic paint.
  • Long tube spray gun

    360 degree internal surface gor oil spraying